Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Perfect 10 - Fearless Forecast

The Metro's Perfect 10, 10 Million Guaranteed Tournament will start tomorrow. I'm excited even when I'm not playing.

11Finger of PokerManila started a sort of fantasy prop bet. Those who wish to join the bet will choose 10 players and the prize money won by these players will correspond to the bettor's points. The bettor with the most points wins.

These are my top picks for this tournament. (In alphabetical order)
  • Neil Arce aka Dirty Ice Cream
  • Nicky Filart aka 11Finger
  • Rinah Garcia
  • Keshniel of PokerManila (sorry bro, I don't know your name)
  • Franco Mabanta
  • Ed Marcelo
  • Lou Pacia
  • Sunshine Samson
  • Nick Schlebek (not sure how to spell your last name bro)
  • Ronnel Sto Tomas aka Noob
I was choosing between Jun Amito and Rinah Garcia but I went with Tita Rinah instead.

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