Thursday, December 16, 2010

Year of the Freakin Tiger

Around February 2010, before the Chinese New Year, there were lots of talk around Feng Shui, astrology, good luck, bad luck, 5 element temples and all.

They all said that I won't be lucky this 2010. I've never completely believed in them because I've been an advocate of forging your own path and that you have the power to change your own destiny. However my bankroll seemed to listen to the experts' advise more than I do because it kept slipping away.

So I decided to save a little money and not play poker until the Year of the Tiger is done. And maybe I'll start to listen a bit more to what the experts say about the coming Year of the Rabbit before I start to loosen my purse strings again.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FHM True Story

Exerpt from FHM Philippines Dec 2010, True Stories

"I was playing in a popular poker hub in Ortigas, seated at a 10/20 blinds table. Whenever I win, I get myself a beer, which was tad expensive compared to the bars outside. That time, I was already done with my seventh bottle and was looking for the waiter to order another one. The waiters in the place wear all black outfits so when I saw one, I waved at him violently and said, 'Psst! Halika dito!' He replied, 'Who me?' I nodded in agreement so he approached. I said, 'Isa pang beer!' The guy looked stunned and shouted back, 'Customer ako dito, gago!' He was fuming mad. I tried not to laugh as I apologized for the misunderstanding. When I peeked in the exclusive room for high rollers and VIPs, I saw the dude in black seated with a mountain of P10,000 chips in front of him. The guy was so filthy rich he could easily buy off a man to take me down. Had I pissed him off more, I would be in deep shit right now. -Christopher lee kimura, by email"

Moral lessons:
Don't wear black in The Metro
Don't mix poker and alcohol
Always be courteous to service people