Sunday, July 27, 2008

APPT-Macau: Freeroll Phase 2 [Asia]

I just finished playing the level 2 satellite for APPT Macau (tournament 93791080). There were a total of 472 entries and I finished 127th. Generally, I think I played well. I wish I had more playable cards dealt to me though.

So I guess Macau has to wait. I'll try the level 1 satellites again.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Assessment of Online Poker

A little more than a month ago, I posted about My First Online Cash Game. In that month, I've played more hands that I would have in maybe half a year. And it cost as much as a night's buy-in on a live 10/20 table. I'm confident that somehow my game has changed for the better because of this and in a very short time at that.

I encourage everyone who are not yet playing online to try it. Sign up for a PokerStars account now.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

APPT-Macau: Freeroll Phase 1 [Asia]

I won another freeroll in PokerStars. This time it's a level 1 satellite for APPT Macau (Tournament 93791632). There were a total of 476 entries and the top 20 got a seat to the second level satellite (Tournament 93791080).

I've regret selling my seat last year for the APPT Manila. This time I hope I get the chance to make up for it by winning another seat and finally get to play in an international tournament.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Internal Error (71/1001) - Resolved

Online poker wasn't an option tonight so I went to The Metro instead. I was hoping to be able to see Franco to hasten clearing my account but he wasn't there.

I really didn't want to resolve the PokerStars mess up by sending any IDs or utility bills. They were asking me to send a photo ID but they really don't know what I look like hence nothing to compare the picture to. And bills at home are not under my name so what use would that be. So I replied to their original email telling them that there must be some mistake. Usage on my account would hardly be red flag for any fraudulent activities. The worst thing I've used the account for was to bluff a player every now and then.

When I got home, I checked my email and PokerStars has already replied, "We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The error has now been resolved and your account has been reinstated. Please login at your earliest convenience."

Whew! That's a load off my back. It took less than a day to resolve as compared to 5 months which I read about in one of the forums. My $11.84 was intact and I'm able to play again. So I guess abaddon_ross really wasn't gone for that long. Now I can play again.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Internal Error (71/1001)

I was playing an FPP tournament in PokerStars earlier and after I got busted, I got booted out of the account. I didn't think anything of it until I tried to log back in. When I try to log in, I'd get this message, "Internal Eror (71/1001). Please contact Include the above Internal Error number in your correspondence."

So I emailed PokerStars telling them of my concern. A few minutes after, I received a reply asking me to fax or email: 1) a clear photocopy of your driver's license, front and back , or other photo ID; and 2) a clear photocopy of your last utility bill (telephone, gas, water, or electric) indicating your name, address and statement date.

I read some forums and I found out that the error was caused by the account being frozen. There was no reason for them to freeze my account, I have like $11 there. (Yes, the reason why I haven't updated this blog with my bankroll was because my $45 was down to $11)

I'm going to try to resolve this error and hopefully get to play again but it makes me wonder how safe it'll be if I had a few hundred/thousand dollars there. I'm sure I wouldn't be this calm.

So I'm sorry to say, but you guys won't be seeing abaddon_ross play online anytime soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekly Round 2 - Saturday

I decided to play the ticket I won in the freeroll. There were 4800+ entries and they were going to pay the top 801 players. I finished 4000+. It was the worse tournament I played in a long time.

Well, tomorrow's another day. At least I can sleep early so I won't be late for work.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kepler's FL Razz Freeroll

Finally, after playing a million freerolls n Pokerstars, I've won in one. I just finished within the top 88 against 2567 entries to the Kepler's Fixed Limiet Razz Freeroll (Tournament 94709534). The winners would get a seat for a weekly round 2 of their choice. Yes, after all that work, I didn't get any money out of it but it'sa major accomplishment for me. The tournament gave me my confidence back in my poker skills. Although it wasn't a Hold'em tournament, it's still poker.

I haven't decided when I'm going to use the ticket for the weekly round 2. It's a $4k guaranteed tournament and I do hope I make it in the money there.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Filipino Poker Tour 3

The 3rd Filipino Poker Tour was held in The Metro last weekend, June 28 and 29. There were 111 players who entered to vie for the Php3Million+ total pot. This makes the tournament one of the biggest tournaments here in the Philippines.
The final table of this 3rd leg of the tour was unbelievable. It included a lot of the staples in the Philippine poker community.
5th place - Ed Marcelo
I have a lot of respect for this guy. Ed's very disciplined and his tournament results are consistently high. I can't remember seeing him play in a ring game though. He never shares any of his thoughts about plays or cards or poker, on or off the poker table. Which is why I never know what he's thinking.
4th place - Franco Mabanta
I don't remember having been on the same table as Franco. The only time I was on the same table as him was in a PokerStars freeroll satellite for the FPT2. Actually, I think I played in a 100/200 with him once. I really can't remember. And I seldom see him on tournaments where I play. This is probably because he's always at the big table which I can't afford. But I hear he's successful there so I guess that makes him pretty good.
3rd place - Ronald Singson
Ronald's also always at the big table but I've seen him at the 10/20 a few times trying to get the action rolling when The Metro was just starting out. I remember being glad that Ronald's on that table because at that time, 10/20 players didn't know how to play properly. I've never been on the same table as him in a tournament. He placed well in last year's APPT so that amounts to something.
2nd place - Erick Sia
I've played with Erick a few times and he's pretty smart. He knows his odds better than most. I hear he's successful online. And he finished 2nd place in this tournament.
1st place - Neil Arce
Neil is probably the most recognizable players in the Philippine poker community. He's the only local poker player to place ITM in the WSOP main event. That accomplishment alone is worth mentioning again. He's the only local poker player to place ITM in the WSOP main event. This FPT3 win cements his place as one of the best in the country.
My hat's off to Dirty Ice Cream and for the rest of these guys for showing that poker is not about luck and it takes a lot of skill to be consistent in our sport. You all deserve to be recognized. You're all an inspiration to our local poker players.