Thursday, June 19, 2008

Featured Player - Sunshine

Name: Sunshine
Age: 24
When did you start playing? 2.5 years ago. I started playing micro-mini stakes at home with friends.
Where do you usually play? Live games always in The Metro, online on Pokerstars and Fulltilt
What stakes do you usually play? Games I play ranges from 25/50 to 100/200 (in Peso) blinds... It depends on the action, stacks on the table, and who are on the table.
Preference: Online or Live poker? Both
Preference: Cash games or Tournament? Both
Biggest tournament you've entered? (Not necessarily won) APT ($2.5k buy-in)
How does one win in poker? a cliche but patience will remain a virtue..though donkey wins
Who's the best international player and why? There are a lot coz each and every pro that I know has his own strategy that makes it for them which can be the best for each and every game.
Who's the best local player and why? No comment. lol. But definitely not way far from it..
Fearless forecast: Who will win the Filipino Poker Tour 3? maybe you.. :)
That's a long shot cause I'm not joining :) -ross
What's your most memorable bad beat? I dont keep track of the bad beats I get coz if I do, I would always remember it & just give myself bad vibes everytime I play.
What's your most memorable suck out? I'm a good girl... I dont give bad
What's your most expensive poker lesson? (A mistake on your part which cost you the most amount of chips but because it was expensive, you made sure not to commit the same mistake ever) Everytime I bust out...coz it just means I put all my chips in and as expensive as all my chips I just learned the latest poker lesson I would
What's one thing you would like to change about Filipino players? Nothing. I think Filipino poker is doin good & it's even gonna get better soon as people play almost play everyday
What's your advise for people who are just starting to play? Well, you would always see players (who have been in the scene for quite a while) winning on wide variety of hands...seeing some exhibitions on their plays...but when you start playing it, poker basics are always very important and should stick with 'em. Later on you would always get to use 'em no matter how long you have been playing the game. and you'll still see that the poker veterans still use 'em a lot and are still makin money out of it. Oh and that bluffing isnt the essence of poker.


PepeSmith said...

Great Job...=)

Ross said...


I plan to feature a poker player every month.

Ria Jose said...

Interesting interview. Hope to meet her soon.