Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ricardo Festejo

I was watching TV a couple of weeks ago and saw a player who looked Filipino playing in a World Poker Tour event. He placed second which was great but I was wondering why no one talked about him. Apparently because he just made 1 appearance in a big event.

It was an old tournament; 2005 Borgata Poker Open. Festejo placed 2nd after being crippled by this hand. Let's start at flop of K 7 2. I can't remember what the pre-flop action was but Festejo was ahead in chips by a small amount. Villain was first to act and checked his 32, bottom pair bottom kicker. Festejo raised with A2 around a little more than pot-size. Villain moved all-in. If Festejo folded, he would be behind in chips but it'd still be anybody's game. Anyway, after a few minutes in the tank, Festejo called. He called his freakin' bottom pair for almost all his money against an overbet which, well I won't even speculate what the reason was.

Whatever the reason was, it was great call. That is until a 3 came on the river which gave the villain 2 pair. No help on the river and that's all I know about Ricardo Festejo.