Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Cass of Metro Card Club.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

FPT10 - Trivia

Some things I found out about FPT10...

A 13 year old qualified for FPT10 through PokerStars. Of course he wasn't allowed to play. I'm not sure what happened to his seat. (This is hearsay and I wasn't able to verify if it was true)

On Day2b, there's a prop bet where a player will dance to Michael Jackson's "Beat It" if he loses a pot. (Heard from people from PokerManila)

That's all the trivia I found out. :)
I don't have anything to write about the tournament because I'm no longer in it. I have to settle for trivia.

FPT10 - Day1a

I busted out of the tournament.

The tournament was full of callers. There were an average of 4 people who saw the flop and it was always an unraised pot. Every so often there would be a pre-flop raiser but then around 4 people would still call. They were very passive. It's like they were all new; except they were not. I was doing fairly well because I played a little aggressively.

Until I got QJs (both clubs). I raised preflop in early position (I had above average chip stack). Around 3 people called behind me. Flop comes with 2 clubs and an Ace. I made a pot-sized bet to represent an Ace. 2 people folded, the last one called. Turn was a brick. I bet again, he called. River was still a brick. I didn't make my flush but then again, I was betting the Ace. I bet, he called with QQ.

I was betting on each level and I still can't represent an Ace. I admit that I tilted after that. I thought about leaving the table to smoke but I didn't want to miss any action. But I tightened up after that. I still played aggressively but with less hands.

Then I got AA in early position. I raised 4.5x BB and got 4 callers. Flop were middle to low cards, all hearts. I didn't have any hearts but I wanted to find out who had a heart. I raised more than the pot size and I got 1 caller. Now I found out who has a heart. Turn was not a heart. I overbet with all-in to make him fold. He called. He didn't have a heart, he actually had two. His flush was made on the flop. I was drawing dead. I left the card room disgusted.