Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Message from Del Ty

Here's an email from one of Philippine Poker's most famous personalities, Del Ty. :)

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL, ESPECIALLY THE CHAMPION Mr. (Clark)Kent who proves himself to be the SUPERMAN surviving fire and me to re-assert his position as one of Philippines top players behind my MASTER Neil Arce.

1. Kent del Rosario 3m
2. Dexter Cokehyeng 1.65m
3. Mon Santos - Metro Davao 1m
4. Robert Browning - Bravio Cebu 600k
5. Dana Go Coyuito 500k
6. Erik Fam - Singapore 400k
7. Del TY 300k
8. Rizzie Galan 250k
9. Philip Chua 200k

note all local players are metro regulars. Thank you MetroCard Club - all the owners, officers, dealers, and 
support staff (esp. Mr. Brian Malantic) for presenting the successful PERFECT TEN POKER TOURNEY. Thank you PokerStars and Filipino POKER Tour TEAMs (headed by Mr. Alan Escano) for the photo/video production of this historic event. Thank you POKERMANILA TEAM (esp. 11fingers and pocketjoe) for your pictures and live update. THANK YOU ALL MY CO PARTICIPANTS AND PATIENT AUDIENCES WHO HELP MAKE PHILIPPINE POKER HISTORY.

METROCARD Club the PERFECT place to play poker… with great and awesome ambiance… cool and friendly BEAUTIFUL people.

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