Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Midas Touch - Field Report

Yesterday, May 21, 2010, the new poker room in Henry Javier St., Oranbo, Pasig opened. This PAGCOR accredited poker room is called The Midas Touch and has the potential of being another alternative for poker players. However, it's hard to say this early on if poker players will actually like the new poker room. They're just in their soft opening and there's still some room for improvement.

  • It's very spacious. Tables are far away from each other that people can go through without disturbing the players at the tables.
  • Their tables include a built-in card shuffler which is pretty interesting. It's supposed to make the dealing faster but I can't tell if it actually is.
  • It being near a more stable poker room will make the competition a little bit better. If there's competition, the players get the better of it.
  • There's no ATM nearby. The nearest one is a 10-minute walk or 2-minute drive away. And when the player who needs to withdraw goes that far to do so, there's a possibility he won't return.
  • Lack in quorum. Of course I did go there on their first night when only a few people knew that it was open. We'll see in the future. For now, it's hard to play when employees outnumber the guests.
  • There's a line on the house rules which is a little disconcerting. "Fights are not permitted inside the house. Fights are only permissible at the parking area and only after all the side bets have been made." I mean, why should this even be on the list of house rules?!?!

I may be spending my time playing here. Just because it's literally just across the street from where I live. Maybe until they lose my confidence.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I entered Day 2 of the Labor Day Tournament with an average stack and I felt good. It was the first time that I reached the second day and I was ready.

But the strategy I had made in my head never materialized. It was one bad decision after another. I got a second chance when I was able to crack AA with my 99 but then I lost most of it a few hands after when I hero called a raise on a board of 33A2A.

I was short stacked with just a little more than 10x BB and the buzzer just signaled the end of another level, I needed to make a move. I was SB and everybody folded to me, I had A2o. I shoved hoping BB would fold or just have a smaller hand. He had A4. This was fine as there was a very big chance of a split pot. Flop comes 7-6-x. Turn shows a 5. It was already a split but then river showed a 3. Villain has a straight and that was that...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Labor Day Tournament Update

I made it through Day 1!!!

I think I've joined around 5 multi-day tournaments but this is the first time I reached Day 2! Next goal, I have to win.