Monday, March 16, 2009

Kent Del Rosario wins Perfect 10

I just got word that Kent Del Rosario won the 10 Million guaranteed tournament at the Metro. I don't have any details yet about anything in the tournament except that he won. 

Kent also won an Filipino Poker Tour event. If I remember correctly, it was FPT1. According to the posters, Kent has also won a Philippine Poker Tour event. But I can't remember that one.

Congratulations Kent! You deserve it!

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delty said...

Kent was the FPT 2 champion (April08) at the SMX, over Kirby Te(Davao). FPT1 Champion(Jan.08) at the old Metro was Mike Tyler (NZ-Cebu), over Melvin (The Miracle) Matibag. Yes Kent also won a big one at the ACF, among others.