Friday, September 28, 2007

The highs are high and the lows are low...

Lately I've been thinking that my wins were flukes. From September 16 to September 26, I've lost approximately P50k (less than USD1000) in the 25/50 or 50/100 table. It sucks to say the least and I feel I've lost my confidence.

I feel I still know what to play, what to fold, how to play certain cards and how to play certain players. I just can't seem to convert it to money. I know what to do. And I actually follow my rules. I still do not drink while playing. I know the odds and my decisions are based on them. But I seldom get big cards. I seldom hit my big cards. I never get a good draw. I never hit my draws when they come. It's basically a slump.

So I've decided to not play until there's a real big tournament. Where I know I will do well. I've always been a smart player. I play by the book. I'm not saying I don't listen to my gut by I don't rely on my gut.

Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm still hot...

Last Monday, I went to the Metro to try my luck at the ring games. As mentioned before, ring games are really not my specialty. Most that I've won in a ring game was P11k. Now that all changed on this particular visit. I bought in for P1.5k in a 10/20 table and lost most of it after a few minutes. The 25/50 table was about to open so I transferred. I added P2k which makes my total investment P3.5k.

The 25/50 table was great. The action was just right. Although I re-bought for P3k, I was able to make the most out of it. My bluffs were not contested and my nuts always won me big pots. I can't give a hand by hand account as that was 5 days ago. Sorry. On that table, I ended having a huge stack of around P12k. Not bad but the other 25/50 table had more money and had more action so I transferred.

I ran a lot of players to the felt. If it was a tournament, I would have been first place without contest. I ended the night by cashing out P33,175. The biggest cash-out I've had on a ring game thus far.

This almost makes me an all around player. I just need to continue my performance.

Today the Metro; tomorrow the world!!!