Monday, March 24, 2008

Metro 75

I've been browsing the Metro's website and I saw that Brian Ang won. This is depressing. Not that he won; but because I haven't. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have a Metro 75 shirt yet. I've played that tounament for around 20 times already and I haven't won.

Which makes me think. Am I not good enough to win? Is there a certain skill which everyone but me learned? I know I'm patient. But am I not patient enough? Am I not disciplined enough? Am I too patient or disciplined? What do I need to change in my game?

A line from a movie said that poker is a skill game which is proven because the same people get to the final table of big tournaments everytime. Which makes sense because if it was all luck then there would always be a new set of players in the final table. Does the contrary hold true? If I never win, is it because I'm not skilled enough to win?

Does anyone (other than 11finger) have answers to these questions?

Back on the Saddle

Life away from the poker table is boring. I was originally planning to take a long break until I'm financially stable before I start playing again but poker has been part of my life for so long that it really isn't that easy to stay away from it. The only way I won't play is if I worked there which I'm actually considering.

So I went back last week. I think it was a Monday. I played the 10/20 table and I just broke even. Actually I'm down Php 100 because I had to take a cab. But it was fun. At first I was losing because of some bad beats then I got into the old groove. But I really didn't plan on making big money that day. I was just happy to be back.

Then I played again last Saturday. Same table stakes. I was up Php 5,000 but I couldn't leave because Jared (my boss) was still playing. I was waiting for him because we were going to eat after playing. He couldn't stand because he had the best of it. I kept playing until I was down to my original buy in. I couldn't stop because I've invested in waiting for him for hours already. Long and short of it was I burned Php 2,000. He won so I was treated to dinner. So basicallyit's like I paid for a Pp 2,000 Chelo Kebab Kobideh.

Later, I'm going back. Probably pay only with Php 1,000 just for the sake of playing. I hope I win.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


While I was waiting for the results of the poll I posted. (By the way, if you haven't voted, please do so. The poll should appear on the upper right side of your screen.)

Anyway, while I was for the results of the poll, I listened to some poker podcasts. One of the podcasts I listened to was Pokeredge where Phil Gordon was interviewing Chris "Jesus" Ferguson after Jesus finished his $0 to $10,000 experiment. I've heard of this experiment before but as I've mentioned, I didn't pay as much attention to Bankroll Management before as I'm doing now. So this time I actually listened to what Jesus had to say. And frankly, it intrigued and motivated me to be able to start managing my bankroll properly.

Jesus started with $0 which meant he needed to play freerolls before he could actually start playing cash games or sit and gos. If I remember correctly, it took him around 9 months to get from $0 to $100 and 9 months more to get from $100 to $10,000. (I could be more accurate with the timeline but I can't find the podcast) But his accomplishment tells everyone that it can be done. Although I probably don't play as good as he does and my experience is definitely nowhere near his, but it still can be done.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to play online regularly but if I do, I won't start with $0 and probably deposit $100. But until I've decided, I'm still saving money to actually start playing again. However, I did try to play several freerolls earlier today. 2 of them at the same time. I wanted to see how effective I'll be at multi-tabling and if I could somehow get some cash together and be playing again. So I started with a Limit Hold'em Tournament in Pokerstars. I forgot what place I finished. Then I played another freeroll on the same site, this time a No Limit Hold'em Tournament where I placed 1,453 out of 12,000 which I'm very happy with. At the same time, I played the same type of freeroll in Pacific Poker to which I finished 349 out of 1571. Then I played an No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo in Pokerstars where I finished 2155 out of 5102. All in all, I feel I played pretty well for someone who doesn't really play online and given that I don't have any of those trackers online players use. Right now, I'm playing another NLHE freeroll tournament in Pacific Poker.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bankroll Management

I've recently been reading on Bankroll Management and frankly this is one aspect of the game I've never tried to study. Probably the main reason why my swings are so wild. I've started tracking my bankroll Dec 2006 and from Php 0 I went down to Php -34k up to Php 5k down to Php -3k up to Php 110k down to Php 14k up to Php 30k down to Php 8k up to Php 36k down to Php -1k up to Php 39k down to Php -17k up to Php 14k and now I'm down Php 34k. As you can see, I'm back to the lowest I've ever been which is why now really going to play it smart. (I've said this for the nth time but doesn't quite stick)

What I plan to do is not play. Not until I'm able to save enough money so I don't have to wager my rent. I will separate my poker bankroll from the other stuff I need money for. I won't play until I have saved Php 50,000. Once I have Php 50,000, I will start playing; but I'll only play in the 10/20 table. I usually buy-in Php 1,500 in the 10/20 table. Once I'm able to play, I will stand up once I'm up Php 4,500 or if I'm down Php 4,500 whichever comes first. Or as soon as I find myself asleep. (Note to self, never play when sleepy.) I won't go to the higher stakes until my bankroll is up to Php 200,000. If my bankroll doesn't reach that amount, I won't go up.

No doubt It'll be hard but the swings I've gone through is harder to take. But the hardest part about this is to wait until I have Php 50,000. Meanwhile, I have to content myself with playing Stacked.

Pinoy Poker Blog Community on pause

11finger's last post was Dec 1 '07
Maverick's last post was Dec 4 '07
Mnlgrind's last post was Jan 17 '08
Nickg's last post was Jan 25 '08

Is it just me or did everybody stop blogging?

I think the only blogger who posts regularly is Gamefrog. Great job Gamefrog. At least I have something else to read.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Putting Things in Perspective

It's been a while since my last post. Let me go through some highlights of what happened so far.

I've still been playing some cash games. Lately I've been playing in the 10/20 table. The swings in the higher tables are too much for me to take. Everything aside from that for cash games is pretty uneventful.

I wasn't able to play in the Main Event. I didn't even go because I couldn't bear with just being in the sidelines. But I've been trying to win the Metro 75. Problem is that it's been as elusive as ever and I'm still without a title. Closest I got recently was 3rd because the cards wouldn't cooperate. That night gave me so many bad beats. I've also tried to play the 5k Saturday but I haven't placed there yet. Come to think of it, February wasn't that lucrative for me. I played a satellite for the March 1, 1 Million event but I placed 3rd there as well. Come to think of it, best I've ever placed was 3rd in any tournament. I've placed 3rd in the Progressive Tournaments, Runner's Club 300k guaranteed, Uno Tournament, Metro 75, M11M Satellite. I've placed 1st in some tournaments but nothing major. I'm not disappointed though, I'm consistently in the final table and I've placed In The Money in more than 20% of the tournaments I've joined so I think I'm doing pretty well.

So that's the update.

But what I really wanted to talk about was me looking for some perspective. Recently, I feel like I'm working when I play poker. Everything I do is routine. I go there and find the same people. We talk about the same things. We play the same hands the same way and the same thing happens. Then I go to the office tired as hell because I've been playing all night.

Aside from that, I'm also tired of having to think about rent or food or budget or anything monetary when I play. It's like, I need to think about when rent is due or if I had issued any checks that need to clear before I bet. Everyone needs to have money set aside for poker and money for everything else. I don't have that luxury. My salary wouldn't allow me to have it separate. So I've decided to step back for a while. I'm not going to play until I've built a bankroll which I don't have to worry about losing.

I'll probably need to get stakeholders. I feel that I've played pretty consistent that some people wouldn't feel it's dead money. I will still focus on tournaments because that's where I'm better. Here are my stats if anyone is interested... (Stats are from Dec 2006 to Feb 2008)

Live Tournaments Played: 81 (Includes Freerolls)
In The Money finishes: 19 (23.46%)
Total Buy-Ins: Php 113,250
Total Cashout: Php 233,900 (207%)