Sunday, March 15, 2009

Philip 'Idol' Chua

Here's a story from Day 1A. Idon't have all the details but from what I remember...

Philip Chua raises preflop. UTG calls. Flop was King high with 2 clubs. UTG bets, Philip calls. Turn club. Check, check. River, club. Check, Philip bets, UTG folds. Dealer awards pot to Philip. UTG realizes he had the Ace of Clubs but the hand has been mucked. Too late.

I can't say that the hand was accurate but moral of the story is that Philip made the nuts fold. And you wonder why he's the Idol. He's still part of the last 18 in Day 3 of the Perfect 10. Also in the mix is Amor's better half, Claude, Kent Del Rosario (who I think needs a break from the bad luck that has come his way recently) and Dennis Orcullo (yes, he's the pool player but he holds his own on the poker table as well).

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