Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Poker in a Mask

I believe that in every poker session there's a lesson to be learned. During the PokerManila MegaFreeroll I wore a face mask hoping to learn what advantage I can gain with it.

Poker players try a lot of ways to disguise their tells. They were hoods, caps, sunglasses, surgical masks, etc. It can even be as simple as covering their mouths with their hands.

During this particular tournament, I learned that people do not pay too much attention if they can't see your face. I felt like a fly on the wall throughout the duration ofthe tournament. It was like I was observing everyone on the table and I can't be seen. It's the same feeling I get when wearing sunglasses, with an added advantage of having a clearer view.

I'd actually recommend wearing a mask except that it's hot as hell.


Chonx said...

nice post. insightful. i do get that feeling when i'm wearing sunglasses. except when i wear glasses, my hearing also weakens a little. any connection?

is this look inspired by your favorite dance group?

Ross said...

The frames of your glasses may be a little heavy and it strains your ears. That's the closest connection I can think of. Well, it's just more reason for you to wear a mask instead of sunglasses. However, it'll be a little awkward on the beach.

My other mask is on its way. Just ordered it from Ebay. I just hope it arrives before the Denim Ong Cup. :รพ

Ugh said...

But isn't wearing shades bad coz they could have reflections of your cards...

Ross said...

It depends on how reflective your shades are and/or how you hold your cards.

If you're just peaking at your cards the way you ideally should be and not holding it up in front of your face, you'll be all right. No one will see it.