Sunday, March 1, 2009

PokerManila MegaFreeroll Field Report

The PokerManila MegaFreeroll didn't disappoint. It was as awesome as everyone thought it would be. Maybe the only common feedback given about the event was that it was very, very hard to remember that many names. Apart from not having nametags, everything was great. And it was amusing to see that there were people you talk to through the forums and you also talk to them when you see them at The Metro but you had no idea that they're the same person. I even went to high school with one of the members and I didn't know about it until yesterday.

I actually wished it was a bounty tournament. I probably tookout approx 7 players. Including Maverick who actually did have a P1000 bounty. He had top pair Jack against my overpair KK. I also remember PepeSmith's top pair Jack against my top two pair. It was just too bad that the bounty period was over when PepeSmith, who was one of the few who had bounties, busted out.

And as I hoped, I found my way to the final table. Albeit shortstacked, I still felt that I had a chance to win after doubling up on the 1st (or 2nd) hand dealt at the FT. And after hitting a miracle 2-outer on the river when my AT went against Toybit's 98. All-in preflop, flop 88T, turn 3, river T. I swear that it was the most railed tournament I've ever seen in The Metro.

After that, I was going all in against Saintalbert who was also shortstacked and was trying to survive. We couldn't bust each other out to build our stacks to be able to go against the big stacks, Noob and Toybits. In my last hand, I was BB or SB when Noob raised preflop. I went all in but he only needed to add a very small amount. He had 42o and I was commited with K5o. Blanks on flop and turn. River 4. I finished in 5th place and won a seat to Saturday's level 2 satellite to the Perfect 10.

Noob and Toybits were heads-up and one of them was going to get the seat to the Main Event. These were players we've been playing with since 2005 or 2006 (can't remember). Back when we were playing home games and tournaments on rooftops with lamps or other undisclosed places. The heads-up was great. Both players deserved to win. But in the end, Noob got to take home the Perfect 10 seat. I think he also got a bounty for taking out 11finger (not sure) and also a couple of prop bets.

Congratulations Noob. Congratulations PokerManila for a very successful event. GG everyone.


Ordnacin said...

Ross, in case you play the Perfect 10 I'm willing to stake you 5% if you will wear the same outfit you had in the Megafreeroll :-) - 11Finger

Ross said...

I'm already thinking of something to wear. It's a surprise.

Ordnacin said...

Thongs ? to distract your opponents ? ;-) 11Finger

PepeSmith said...

I didn't have top pair lol... I only had second pair. Had Q10 and you had two pair with J10. I just shoved hoping you didn't hit lol.

Ganda ng outfit mo parang ninja...