Sunday, June 8, 2008

Poker Chips For Sale

When I was starting to learn poker, I just had to have a set of poker chips. Only a few people had poker chips then so I bought a set. After a while, poker chips were not enough and I had a poker table made. After a few poker nights, having complete poker set (table and all) lost its allure. I've stopped inviting people over to play poker because frankly, I got tired of cleaning up after them. I seldom bring my poker chips to friends' houses when there are get-togethers because I've been playing so much and rarely see my friends that I'd rather not play.
Which was why I sold my poker table. And which is why I'm selling my poker chips. It's the same set that I bought except I can't throw in the cards. The cards that came with the set are worn and I wouldn't want to part with my other decks of cards. I'll consider throwing in the Modiano big font style cards but it depends on the offer. So what's included is the 300 piece poker chips, dealer button, small blind button, big blind button, 5 dice, a case. I haven't decided on how much to sell it for because I can't remember how much I bought it for, but you can leave a comment with your offer and then we'll talk.
Oh, and I can only sell it within Metro Manila, Philippines.

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