Friday, June 6, 2008

A Poker Experiment

You watch Survivor and during those parts when the castaways talk to the camera, their names appear below the screen and right below it and their occupation. As if being a bartender has anything to do with what they're actually doing in that remote place but it still gives the audience a background about the castaway. What we do actually does, to a certain extent, define how we think and what we do outside of work.

I've always had this scenario in mind, a poker tournament where players are from different backgrounds. Some possible players would be a theater actor, a lawyer, a psychologist, a mathematician, a professional gambler, a detective, a movie critic, a hypnotist, a beauty queen, an accountant, an economist, an entrepreneur, a manager, a radio disk jockey, etc. And since this is theoretical, Nemo and Shrek's friend Donkey. It is assumed that those who are included can be considered top in their field and that they have never played poker before.

The actor probably can bluff and slowplay his way to being the winner but the movie critic can spot the slightest bit of bad acting and the detective is trained to spot certain tells. The mathematician can compute the odds but the economist will know how to manage his stack but the psychologist probably doesn't need to look at his cards. The hypnotist can make you do anything but the beauty queen is just so beautiful no one can pay attention to the game. The tournament can go any which way but moving it another notch, it can be a series of tournaments and they have the chance of improving their game. Who would be the consistent winner? Some of the top professional poker players have a deep understanding of math but who's to say that only a mathematician can be successful in poker?

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