Sunday, June 22, 2008

My First Online Cash Game

I logged on to PokerStars but at first I couldn't decide what to play. I originally intended to play an SnG but I couldn't find where they were. So I decided I'd play a ring game instead. I also decided that I'll apply proper bankroll management so instead of looking for no limit games, I wanted my first game to be a limit game only.
I headed straight to the lowest limit 7 card stud table and after a couple of orbits, I was up $1. Not bad for a newbie. I left the table after hitting the $1 mark 'cause I didn't want to lose on my first try. But I decided to play again. This time I played $0.04/$0.08 limit 7 card stud high/low. I pushed my quota to $5 but I had a hard time reaching that because it was a very low limit table. I also tried multi-tabling which was to my disadvantage as I wasn't able to concentrate very much.
To cut the long story short, I reached my $5 quota for the day after 2 hours of play. I'll probably play HORSE or Razz next time. I doubt I'll be playing NLHE anytime soon as I have a very small bankroll. I may play LHE instead. Or perhaps PLO.
My 0 to 1,000,000 may be possible after all. Jesus Fergusson also played 7 card stud when he was going for $10,000 so I must be on the right track. I think I'll still meet my May 26, 2009 target.


mags said...

Where did you hear about Jesus playing Stud for his challenge? I can give you advice on short-stack Hold'em, really easy to multi-table the micro limits.

I think there's much less variance in Omaha and Hold'em compared to Stud, if you want to be careful with your roll. Much depends on table selection, though.

And check my comment on your 0-1M challenge.

By the way, I've gone up from $0 to $50 without any deposit.

mags said...

And you just click the Sit&Go tab to find them, they start as low as $0.10. You can try the regular tournaments up to $1.10, plenty of fish.

Ross said...

I think I heard it from a podcast somewhere. Didn't he? It may have been somebody else.