Monday, March 24, 2008

Metro 75

I've been browsing the Metro's website and I saw that Brian Ang won. This is depressing. Not that he won; but because I haven't. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have a Metro 75 shirt yet. I've played that tounament for around 20 times already and I haven't won.

Which makes me think. Am I not good enough to win? Is there a certain skill which everyone but me learned? I know I'm patient. But am I not patient enough? Am I not disciplined enough? Am I too patient or disciplined? What do I need to change in my game?

A line from a movie said that poker is a skill game which is proven because the same people get to the final table of big tournaments everytime. Which makes sense because if it was all luck then there would always be a new set of players in the final table. Does the contrary hold true? If I never win, is it because I'm not skilled enough to win?

Does anyone (other than 11finger) have answers to these questions?


novagalaxy said...

I am really no expert. But I've won some online tourneys and all I can say is it needs a lot more than discipline. Playing a tight disciplined game will get you deep but will not win you the tourney.

Up to a certain point especially late in the tourney, you need to do some risky moves even though you feel that you maybe behind. It's the only way to accumulate chips to win one of these babies. Knowing when to steal and resteal are important facets of tournament play.

PepeSmith said...

Play online.. Haven't won a tourney yet though. I get in the money sometimes. Best placing was 2nd out of 60.

Anonymous said...

yo ross, i agree with what nova says; winning and closing out tournaments requires a whole different skill set compared to going deep in them. Maybe you should look at you're end game a bit? Also, the structure of some of these local tournaments require a lot of luck at the FT.....thats just the way it goes, i honestly don't think the m75 is an accurate measure of skill even though some of the country's best have won it.

Ordnacin said...

Quit whining and go find Brian Ang at the cash games and sit to his left... - 11Finger

Ross said...

Wala ngang pang-cash game eh. :)

@novagalaxy and joey
Thanks for the feedback. I'll take these into consideration and hopefully I place 1st soon. :)

First things first, kuha muna ako ISP pag napromote na ako. :)