Monday, March 24, 2008

Back on the Saddle

Life away from the poker table is boring. I was originally planning to take a long break until I'm financially stable before I start playing again but poker has been part of my life for so long that it really isn't that easy to stay away from it. The only way I won't play is if I worked there which I'm actually considering.

So I went back last week. I think it was a Monday. I played the 10/20 table and I just broke even. Actually I'm down Php 100 because I had to take a cab. But it was fun. At first I was losing because of some bad beats then I got into the old groove. But I really didn't plan on making big money that day. I was just happy to be back.

Then I played again last Saturday. Same table stakes. I was up Php 5,000 but I couldn't leave because Jared (my boss) was still playing. I was waiting for him because we were going to eat after playing. He couldn't stand because he had the best of it. I kept playing until I was down to my original buy in. I couldn't stop because I've invested in waiting for him for hours already. Long and short of it was I burned Php 2,000. He won so I was treated to dinner. So basicallyit's like I paid for a Pp 2,000 Chelo Kebab Kobideh.

Later, I'm going back. Probably pay only with Php 1,000 just for the sake of playing. I hope I win.

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