Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Poker Player For Hire

A few posts ago (Putting Things in Perspective) I mentioned that I'll be looking for stakeholders and I'm proud to say that my first shot at being staked was a success. My officemate was able to stake me 2 buy-ins for the daily Metro 25k guaranteed tournament. Yes it is just a 500 buy-in tournament but I have to start somewhere. And besides, he hasn't played poker all his life so it's just appropriate for him not to put in too much.

Our agreement was that he'd front the 1000 buy-in for 2 tournaments and we'd split the net profit. I finished 6th on the first tournament and won 1000. This guaranteed my friend that at the very least, he'd get his money back. The second torunament didn't end as good. I finished 18th or something. I kept pushing all-in because I wasn't getting cards and the blinds were coming up. Finally, I pushed UTG with Q7s and got a caller, AA. Oh well, if I didn't push then, some random cards would beat me on my BB and then I still would've lost. Long and short of it, my friend will get his 1000 back later when I see him. Now I consider this as a great run because it wasn't a loss. I managed to secure my stakeholder's investment which considering that it's a tournament, is a big thing.

Now that was the trial run for the whole staking endeavor. This will probably influence other people to stake me for other tournaments. I'm hoping I get staked to the weekly Metro75 (2000 + 200 buy-in) or the weekly Asian Poker Tour satellite level 1 (2000 + 200 buy-in) or the Metro Heads-Up tournament on April 26 (5000+500 buy-in).

I'm also planning to join the Team Poker tournament on May 3 as part of Team King Jack Call. The team roster is not yet finished but I'm sure we have a good chance because it'll be easy to get the crowd behind us. (More details about the last Team Poker Tournament here) It'll be a shoot-out tournament and it's just going to be like 2 Sit and Go's. And although the team ranking will depend on the performance of the team as one, there will also be individual payouts which would guarantee that the torunament remains as an individual game.


Ordnacin said...

Ross do you play the 1pm tourneys ? Dami ba players ? Are there cash games after ? Bato ba players ? - 11Finger

Ross said...

I tried to play the 1pm tourneys twice. 4 tables in both. ITM in one of them. Not so different from the 7pm except there are more players who don't look familiar but they play the same way. There are more younger players. Probably because it's summer. But in both times, the traffic is very bad around the whole Ortigas center area. And it's so hot.
There are cash games before and after.

Manimegalai said...

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