Wednesday, March 12, 2008


While I was waiting for the results of the poll I posted. (By the way, if you haven't voted, please do so. The poll should appear on the upper right side of your screen.)

Anyway, while I was for the results of the poll, I listened to some poker podcasts. One of the podcasts I listened to was Pokeredge where Phil Gordon was interviewing Chris "Jesus" Ferguson after Jesus finished his $0 to $10,000 experiment. I've heard of this experiment before but as I've mentioned, I didn't pay as much attention to Bankroll Management before as I'm doing now. So this time I actually listened to what Jesus had to say. And frankly, it intrigued and motivated me to be able to start managing my bankroll properly.

Jesus started with $0 which meant he needed to play freerolls before he could actually start playing cash games or sit and gos. If I remember correctly, it took him around 9 months to get from $0 to $100 and 9 months more to get from $100 to $10,000. (I could be more accurate with the timeline but I can't find the podcast) But his accomplishment tells everyone that it can be done. Although I probably don't play as good as he does and my experience is definitely nowhere near his, but it still can be done.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to play online regularly but if I do, I won't start with $0 and probably deposit $100. But until I've decided, I'm still saving money to actually start playing again. However, I did try to play several freerolls earlier today. 2 of them at the same time. I wanted to see how effective I'll be at multi-tabling and if I could somehow get some cash together and be playing again. So I started with a Limit Hold'em Tournament in Pokerstars. I forgot what place I finished. Then I played another freeroll on the same site, this time a No Limit Hold'em Tournament where I placed 1,453 out of 12,000 which I'm very happy with. At the same time, I played the same type of freeroll in Pacific Poker to which I finished 349 out of 1571. Then I played an No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo in Pokerstars where I finished 2155 out of 5102. All in all, I feel I played pretty well for someone who doesn't really play online and given that I don't have any of those trackers online players use. Right now, I'm playing another NLHE freeroll tournament in Pacific Poker.

Wish me luck.


Ordnacin said...

Wala bang vote: stop playing poker ? hehe - 11Finger

Anonymous said...

online na toh