Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bankroll Management

I've recently been reading on Bankroll Management and frankly this is one aspect of the game I've never tried to study. Probably the main reason why my swings are so wild. I've started tracking my bankroll Dec 2006 and from Php 0 I went down to Php -34k up to Php 5k down to Php -3k up to Php 110k down to Php 14k up to Php 30k down to Php 8k up to Php 36k down to Php -1k up to Php 39k down to Php -17k up to Php 14k and now I'm down Php 34k. As you can see, I'm back to the lowest I've ever been which is why now really going to play it smart. (I've said this for the nth time but doesn't quite stick)

What I plan to do is not play. Not until I'm able to save enough money so I don't have to wager my rent. I will separate my poker bankroll from the other stuff I need money for. I won't play until I have saved Php 50,000. Once I have Php 50,000, I will start playing; but I'll only play in the 10/20 table. I usually buy-in Php 1,500 in the 10/20 table. Once I'm able to play, I will stand up once I'm up Php 4,500 or if I'm down Php 4,500 whichever comes first. Or as soon as I find myself asleep. (Note to self, never play when sleepy.) I won't go to the higher stakes until my bankroll is up to Php 200,000. If my bankroll doesn't reach that amount, I won't go up.

No doubt It'll be hard but the swings I've gone through is harder to take. But the hardest part about this is to wait until I have Php 50,000. Meanwhile, I have to content myself with playing Stacked.


PepeSmith said...

Why not try playing online where there are micro buy-ins while your saving up. There are sites that have 1 cent/2cent games. I actually started my bankroll with 50 dollars after losing my first deposit which was like $80. Some people have started with the same amount and have legitimate bankrolls. I think pocketjoe started his online roll with $50.

Ross said...

I don't have a reliable internet connection. Although I am eager to try online poker. But there is some apprehension because I play very loose when I don't actually see or feel the money in my hands.