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Metro Card Club Wiki Entry

Currently, searching Metro Card Club in Wikipedia will only yield an article for things named Metro. And it's only there because I edited it and placed it there. I haven't submitted an actual article for The Metro Card Club mainly because I don't know how to and also because these are based on what I know and may not be completely accurate. But if I were to write one, this is how it would go...

Metro Card Club

The Metro Card Club (The Metro) is a poker room located in Metrowalk, Pasig City, Philippines. The Metro was open to the public around August of 2007 and was the first legal Philippine poker room to open outside of a casino.


Before The Metro opened, poker in the Philippines was isolated to the poker room inside the Casino Filipino, home games and illegal poker rooms. It was problematic for Filipino poker players as the casino offered too many temptations for gambling, home games were usually for small stakes and illegal poker rooms were vulnerable to raids.

The people behind The Metro were already involved in promoting and building the Philippine poker community since 2005. They had a dream of expanding what was then a small poker community to what it is now.

The Metro had a soft opening early in 2007 and was supposed to open then. But being the first card room outside of the casino, they received their share of public critisism. Philippine elections were also scheduled for May 2007 and it was decided that it would be more prudent to wait until after the elections.

The first Metro location was beside Yoohoo Barbecue in Metrowalk, Pasig City. It had 12 tables in 2 storeys. At the time, the poker room was only open late in the afternoon until early in the morning. Due to the increase in players, there was also a need to eventually operate 24/7. The first poker room was still not able to accomodate all players.

In mid-2008, The Metro moved to a bigger location, still within Metrowalk, Pasig City. The second location is able to accomodate 30 tables.


The Metro has several notable regular players.
Neil Arce - FPT Champion, best finish by a Filipino player in the WSOP 2007 Main Event
Sunshine Samson - Consistent tournament finisher and winner of several tournaments
Derick Hernandez - Best finish by a Filipino player in the APPT Manila 2007 Main Event
Alex Pagulayan - World 9 Ball Champion
John Estrada - Philippine actor
Ross Del Rosario - Blogger for Final Table Donkey

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