Monday, January 12, 2009

More Than Just Poker

The latest addition to the Metro Card Club is just what the place needs to have a little more variation. At the far end of the card club, near the bar and VIP area is a pool table. Just like the old poker room, there's an option to play some pool if the cards aren't going in your favor.

But some people prefer to watch the action in the pool table as some of the Philippines most recognizable pool players are probably playing. Alex Pagulayan has been a Metro regular for some time now as well as another pool player whose name escapes me. I just know him as the guy who always wears a jacket with the number 4 on it. I've seen Django Bustamante in the old Metro location. I haven't seen him in the new one. Today, I saw Efren "Bata" Reyes and Dennis Orcollo. I heard from people that Ronnie Alcano was also there but I didn't see him.

Less skilled pool players don't stand a chance against these pros in the pool table but they do sit on the other tables as well. And in poker, anyone has a chance to win.

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