Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Perfect Proposal

The Perfect 10 guarantees P10 Million. That alone should be more than enough reason to join this tournament. The tournament is slated for March 12-15, 2009 at The Metro. It costs P28,000 to join for a chance to win more than P3 Million.

There are several satellites currently on-going. Sadly I can't join the satellites because of my work schedule. But I will gladly absent myself from work if I get to play in this great tournament.

I have a son now which limits my ability to play as much poker tournaments. Ergo, here is my proposal. I need stakers for me to join the Perfect 10. I need approximately $603. If there are any kind souls out there reading my blog, I would appreciate any contributions you can make. You can transfer any amount to my PokerStars account, abaddon_ross.

Any possible staker would be interested in what's in it for them, so here it is. 
  • If I make it to the money, I'll give back the stake amount for each staker and I'll provide a freeroll for all stakers total to half the net profit. 
  • If I make it to the final table, I'll give back the stake amount 5x and a freeroll for all stakers
  • If I win 1st place, I'll give back the stake amount 10x and freeroll for all stakers.

I think that's a good enough incentive for stakers given that anyone can stake even as little as $1. In that case I'd need around 603 stakers total.

I'll post a list of stakers and the stake amount in this post.
tityBOI $5
pocketjoe P3500

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