Sunday, September 21, 2008

Don't you just hate Jacks?

I just finished playing the phase 2 tournaments. 1 for the APPT Seoul and the other was a $25 qualifier for the FPT5.

APPT Seoul phase 2
I finished 39th place out of 231 entries. I went all-in on the flop with my top pair Jack and kicker Ace. Villain had AA. Only the 2 remaining Jacks would help. No luck.

$25 Qualifier
I finished 4th out of 11 entries. I had the shortest stack. Pushed all-in with QQ. Villain had JJ. Flop 87T rainbow. Turn 9. Villain had a made straight. I had a gutshot straight with the 2 remaining Jacks. To add insult to injury, river is a Queen.

If I would've won any of the hands above, I would've had a very good chance. Instead, I won nothing and my dreams of being able to play in APPT Seoul and/or the FPT5 are shattered. I didn't even get a consolation prize. My chances of being able to play in a big tournament are getting smaller and smaller.

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