Monday, September 29, 2008

FPT5 seat tally

While I'm waiting for the Million Dollar Men Freeroll Qualifier to start, I looked at the list of players who won a seat to the Filipino Poker Tour 5.

There are now 38 players on the list who've already won in the satellites. There will be the last $25 qualifier on Oct 2, 8pm. I expect that there will be more players there and they'll give out 3 seats. On that same date, there will be the phase 2 tournament for the winners of the phase 1 freeroll this week. That tournament guarantees 1 seats. There are no other tournaments announced in PokerStars for the FPT 5. Which means it'll total to approximately 55 seats from PokerStars. This is still dependent on how many actually register for the $25 tournament.

55 is a lot of seats from a sponsor. The probability of having a PokerStars sponsored winner is big. Especially because these 55 people had to win their way to the tournament and have proven they have the skills.

That's it, MDM freeroll is starting. Until next time...

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