Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Bankroll Update

Today I woke up and thought I'm going to play higher stakes. I usually play $1.10 buyin 45-player SNGs but today I'd play $4.40 buyin 180-player SNG. Bad idea. I ended up losing $8.80 for the 2 SNGs which brings my bankroll to $16.27.

That's right. I have a bankroll now. A small one but a bankroll nonetheless. I had Ranier77 transfer $23 to my account. It was up and down for a few days which was why I wanted to play the bigger table. Swings at the micro stakes are so small that it's almost not worth the effort. I'm aiming to be able to play at the bigger tables.

I also want to practice for the Sunday tournaments. The structure of the 180 player SNG is similar to the phase 2 tournaments on Sunday and I really want the APPT Seoul and FPT5 seats.


oluaris said...

bro, goodluck on the sattelites to the APPT and FPT... hope we both get seats...

Ross said...

Thanks. Kailangan na manalo. Tagal ko na nagpopoker, wala pang results.