Monday, September 15, 2008

The Road to FPT5

Since Sept 11, 2008, I've been trying to get my hands on a seat for the Filipino Poker Tour 5.

I've played most the freeroll tournaments winning none of them. I was even called a donkey by a player after he kept checking his trips and I kept betting. Then after that hand, I kept going all-in every hand. For his information, it doesn't count as being a donkey if you bet first. At least I think it doesn't. Anyway, I was really sleepy and the satellite phase 1 will only give 10 phase 2 seats out of the 170+/- who joined. Too much work for a 1st level satellite.

I've played a $3 qualifier and finished 4th out of 7.

I've joined another satellite which doesn't get quorum.

I've listened to Lil' Joey's radio program for the first time in my life because I heard there a seat given there. (They start giving the seats out next week I think)

I may need to rethink this whole thing. I've been trying to hard that it's frustrating. The thing is, I want to play because it is a live deep stack tournament and I know I can go deep in that tournament but I just don't have the stake. (Certain circumstances require me to put my money elsewhere. We don't need to talk about them here.)

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