Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Internal Error (71/1001)

I was playing an FPP tournament in PokerStars earlier and after I got busted, I got booted out of the account. I didn't think anything of it until I tried to log back in. When I try to log in, I'd get this message, "Internal Eror (71/1001). Please contact Include the above Internal Error number in your correspondence."

So I emailed PokerStars telling them of my concern. A few minutes after, I received a reply asking me to fax or email: 1) a clear photocopy of your driver's license, front and back , or other photo ID; and 2) a clear photocopy of your last utility bill (telephone, gas, water, or electric) indicating your name, address and statement date.

I read some forums and I found out that the error was caused by the account being frozen. There was no reason for them to freeze my account, I have like $11 there. (Yes, the reason why I haven't updated this blog with my bankroll was because my $45 was down to $11)

I'm going to try to resolve this error and hopefully get to play again but it makes me wonder how safe it'll be if I had a few hundred/thousand dollars there. I'm sure I wouldn't be this calm.

So I'm sorry to say, but you guys won't be seeing abaddon_ross play online anytime soon.


Karl said...

Keep us posted on why Pokerstars decided to freeze your account. I didn't have this kind of experience with pokerstars, but it's a concern for everyone in the poker community if they can do this arbitrarily.

mcat said...

I just had this happen to me too... I sent 3 emails to support and a just one response saying they were forwarding it to the person that handles these cases..WTF I have like $10 or so in my account and was playing in 2 tourneys when I started to have some graphic problems.. The cards would not refresh and I couldn't see any of the players on the table. Why am I being flagged?

Ross said...

I was able to resolve the issue through email correspondence. It took a day. See

Hope you get your account cleared soon. :)