Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekly Round 2 - Saturday

I decided to play the ticket I won in the freeroll. There were 4800+ entries and they were going to pay the top 801 players. I finished 4000+. It was the worse tournament I played in a long time.

Well, tomorrow's another day. At least I can sleep early so I won't be late for work.


Karl said...

Bro, hirap talaga yang Weekly round 2. It's like playing in the Sunday Million... you're up against a monster field size.

By the way, the $4.40/180 player-sng MTT is very soft. It's a good spot for bankroll building through MTTs. About $200 starting roll can multiply very quickly.

Ross said...

Thanks for the tip. And thanks for visiting the blog again.

I've been playing $1.10/45-player SNG MTT or $1.10 SNG STT. I'll build my bankroll a little bit more so I can play the $4.40 MTT.

mags said...

Of course you won't cash 100% of the time in the weekly round 2, but if you're able to pick up tickets easily, say, play a few good hands in one while multi-tabling or multitasking something else, you can accumulate a lot of them, free, and have practice with the different games. I got in the money with the first two tickets I spent, I still have six now because sometimes there's not much else to do on the PC but I don't want to use all my concentration on a serious cash game or whatever.

I'm sure that any low-stakes MTT is very soft, but there's still a lot of variance so don't commit too much of your bankroll to it. Ring games will give you much less variance and much less rake if ever you have a losing run; they just won't give you big sexy scores like an MTT win would.