Thursday, July 17, 2008

Internal Error (71/1001) - Resolved

Online poker wasn't an option tonight so I went to The Metro instead. I was hoping to be able to see Franco to hasten clearing my account but he wasn't there.

I really didn't want to resolve the PokerStars mess up by sending any IDs or utility bills. They were asking me to send a photo ID but they really don't know what I look like hence nothing to compare the picture to. And bills at home are not under my name so what use would that be. So I replied to their original email telling them that there must be some mistake. Usage on my account would hardly be red flag for any fraudulent activities. The worst thing I've used the account for was to bluff a player every now and then.

When I got home, I checked my email and PokerStars has already replied, "We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The error has now been resolved and your account has been reinstated. Please login at your earliest convenience."

Whew! That's a load off my back. It took less than a day to resolve as compared to 5 months which I read about in one of the forums. My $11.84 was intact and I'm able to play again. So I guess abaddon_ross really wasn't gone for that long. Now I can play again.


Karl said...

That's good to hear bro. Did they say any reason for the flag? Just in case it happens again...

Ross said...

I replied to their email to ask what caused it and this is what they said:

"This was an exceptional happening.

Due to a human error some accounts were affected. There was an immediate action to resolve teh situation and all of the accounts have been restored.

We hope that this will not happen again in the future."

Karl said...

OK. I'm glad that you had the flag resolved immedately. Perhaps it was just a random incident. Good luck to your quest for the 0 to P1M.