Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Staker Update II

I did it! So far my stakers have given me Php 2,500 to play with and I was able to turn it into Php 7,000. Not bad for a small time operation. I can't wait to join the big games.

There was a noticeable difference in my play. It was a cash game which from previous posts show, is not my strongest point. But I was able to discipline myself not to chase cards. I never took unnecessary chances and I was able to stand up without losing all my winnings. These are what I've been writing about which I've never actually learned. Until I started playing with someone elses money. It made me more focused and it made me more disciplined.

This wekk I'll probably play some more cash games and hopefully, aside from focus and discipline, I'd also gain consistency.

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Ordnacin said...

Balato naman dyan... - 11Finger