Monday, May 26, 2008

0 to 1,000,000

I actually started this even before I knew what I was aiming for. I knew I didn’t want to deposit any amount to an online poker room and my options were limited to playing freerolls. I’ve earned some money in Pacific Poker but the field has multiplied since and I’m no longer able to get in the money now. I’ve been playing freerolls on PokerStars but I’ve never been in the money there.

But now I already have a feasible plan to get my first deposit free. It’s through the commission I get from the ads on my blogs. I would’ve been blogging with or without me earning from it so the amount I get from ads would really be unallocated and it’s going to be my poker bankroll.

My goal is to get from Php 0 to Php 1,000,000 ($23,386). If I reach my goal through poker or if I reach it through ads, I don’t much care. But I’d prefer it if I reached $23,386 in online poker and another $23,386 through the ads. J

My rules for this challenge are simple. When I reach a certain amount from the ads, I’ll transfer them to PokerStars. I’ll try to build it to get to my goal. I’ll still continue to save the earnings from the ads in case I lose the whole bankroll and I have to reload. I won’t withdraw my PokerStars money until it reaches the goal or it’s a matter of life or death and I really need the money.

My real goal is financial independence (poker-wise), the state of always having money to play with. I want to experience the feeling of being able to play any tournament regardless of the buy-in or ring game regardless of the stakes. I want to be able to provide for a family and still be able to play and not have to compromise any of them.

So the race is on.


Target date of first deposit to PokerStars: Sep 1, 2008

Target date to reach half-way mark: Feb 15, 2009

Target end date of whole project: May 26, 2009


mnlgrind said...


I've been playing online for 2 years now and never looked back, I'm learning so much everytime I play, now i can play live if i wanted to without leaving my online play.

I think it's great that you set out this goal of making 1M in 1 year, maybe you should start now, i don't see what's stopping you from depositing from any site. why wait til sept? :)

goodluck man and gl at the tables.

Ordnacin said...

Agree with MnlGrind, you're better off depositing something like $200 now. I'd think getting from 0 to $200 is almost the same effort as getting from $200 to $20k... Save yourself some time and effort... - 11Finger

PepeSmith said...

yeah just deposit saves you a lot of time. Even 50 dollars would do for a start and play the lowest limits.

PepeSmith said...

Actually I tried doing that 0 to 1m before. I think you can still find the old posts in the pokermanila forum. Made it to 200 and went busto after a while. Bad bankroll management, playing stakes where my bankroll was in jeopardy and I haven't read any poker books back then. Was also very undisciplined and tilting. But it's very good practice learned a lot about my playing from that quest. Hope you learn a lot too. GoodLuck...

Ross said...

Thanks for the feedback and the encouragement.

Part of the reason I haven't deposited any money yet is that I learned everything from live games and for me, seeing the money on screen is almost the same as having play money. I'll probably throw everything away and regret it after.

Another is that I've payed my "tuition" in live games and it took a very long time for me to earn the tuition back. The "tuition" I'm going to pay online may be smaller because I'm no longer new to the game but if I can lessen the impact even a little, it's worth it.

But most important of all, there'll be a new addition to my financial obligations in approximately 7 months from now and I have to save all my money.

Which is why I'm relying solely on Google ads to support my bankroll. It is a little tricky cause I have to rely on the blog reader-base for profit but I think I can do it.

Do you think 1M in 1yr is feasible? Actually, if I'm gong to start playing in Sept, then that's just 8 months.

I agree completely. $0 to $200 may even be a little harder. But I don't think I have a choice.

You also have Google ads, do you think I can get enough money for a startup bankroll by Sept?

Anonymous said...

this is awesome. I wish you the best of luck....dude post this on pokermanila!

mags said...

If you're good enough to make a profit with any amount of cash, then you should be good enough to win at least some money in freerolls. Try non-Hold'em games, they have great value in freerolls. I won a lot of round 2 tickets playing Omaha, Stud, Razz, HORSE.

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Ross said...

That's very well said Mags. I'll keep that in mind.