Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Strategy

Until now, I haven't deposited to any Online Poker Account. Not that I don't want to, but I feel that I'm going to throw it all away. Being a live player, there's still the sense of delinquency when I don't hold the chips or money in my hand.

However, I've thought of a better way for me to deposit. I won't spend what I earn in the ads you see on this site. Instead, I'll save them and use them as my online bankroll. And it makes perfect sense since I'll be earning these through readers of this poker blog. I guess it'll be a way to make the poker community useful as they would indirectly be financing my bankroll. It's the "payment" I get for providing this "service". I might as well get something back for writing this.

1 comment:

PepeSmith said...

Don't hold your breath... Those ads don't really make money. It would take you a couple of years just to make 50 dollars if you don't have enough traffic.. I say deposit the 50 dollars it's just one buy in in a live game and do some serious bankroll management you won't have to deposit again.