Thursday, January 3, 2008

What a way to start the year...

Last night I joined The Metro's Metro 75 tournament. I arrived in 4th level and I still had around 9000 stack (90% of original stack). I figured it wasn't so bad and I'd still get to play with 30x blinds. Problem was that everybody was playing their game and I was there trying to find mine and trying to read the mood of the table and stuff. After around 15 hands, the table collapsed and I had to move to a different table with a whole new set of players.

I never had a chance. Everything went on like I wasn't there. It came to a point when the average stack was around 15000 and I had like 3000 with blinds at 400/800. I never got my groove. Lesson learned.

Lesson 5: Never join a trounament too late.

I even busted out on a bluff. (Now that's just bad poker) Now I realize that by posting this I lose all hope of having someone stake me for bigger tournaments, but in my defense, in all the time that I've joined tournaments, this is the very first time I've arrived late. I'm sure everyone who knows me can attest to that.


Then I decided to make up for the buy-in on the cash tables. There wasn't any 25/50 seats open so I bought in on the 10/20 table instead. I already know what's going to happen there and I really shouldn't have bothered. After 2 buy ins I called it quits and went home and wasted my time watching the lava lamp I got for Christmas instead.


The night only cost me Php 4,200 which is small for the usual stakes I play but it really got me down. I never played as bad before and now I'm practically a fish. I vow never to let it happen again and good luck to anyone who happens to be at my table the next time I play.

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