Friday, January 18, 2008

The Road to The Metro Main Event

Since The 3,000,000 Guaranteed Metro Main Event has been moved to January, I've been trying to get a seat. For this week, I've been playing everyday.

I played the Pokerstars freeroll at home. There were around 122 players and I placed 17th.

I played the Pokerstars freeroll at Joey's place. There were around 211 players but I forgot what place I finished in.

I almost didn't play the Pokerstars freeroll because I was at The Metro but didn't bring my laptop. It just so happened that Paul had a laptop with him but he didn't plan on playing so I borrowed his. I don't know how many players there were and I don't know what place I finished in.
On the same day, I played the Metro 75. There were 78 players because DirtyIceCream was going to stake the winner for the Metro Main Event. I busted out while there were still 4 tables. Although it's important to point out that my play while I was still in my first table was great. That first table was great. The players knew how to play properly. The downside was that because only 2 people who busted out, there wasn't a lot of chips going around and when our table collapsed, our chip stacks couldn't compete with those from the other tables.

I played the Pokerstars freeroll at The Metro. There were 260+ and I finished 151st. I blame this on Lou who was hovering around me while I was playing because he busted out early (haha).
On the same day, I played the Php 500 buy-in Metro Main Event Satellite. I busted out on the 2nd deal. I was UTG with QQ. I raised to a total of 200. (Blinds was at 25/50 and I had a fresh stack of 3000). Next 2 people to act called my 200. 3rd person raised to 1400. Next 3 people folded. Button thought about it but folded. SB and BB folded. It was my turn. Re-raiser probably has a great hand AA or KK or hopefully but less likely QQ or JJ. Button probably has big cards, good enough to call a small bet but not to call a re-raise. I don't know what the 2 callers after me had but if they weren't good enough to raise my 200 bet, they're probably going to fold after a re-raise. It was only up to me and the re-raiser. If I called, I wouldn't be able to make a move after the flop with only 1600 left. If I folded I would've lost a very small amount compared to the blinds and the stack. As Mike McDermott said, "The move was folding; I couldn't lose what I don't put in the middle."
But then again, there's that slight chance that he might fold if I bet and even if he called, I can still hit a set. Besides, there were a little less than 60 players and I didn't feel I had the strength to outlast them all. So I raised all-in and as expected, my QQ was up against KK. And that ends that tournament.

Friday (today)
I got off work at 530pm and I won't be able to get home in time because it's a Friday, rush hour and I'm in Makati so I looked for an internet shop. So I played the Pokerstars freeroll again. There were 287 players and I finished 270th.

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PepeSmith said...

Talk about dedication to win that seat lol. Hope you get it..