Monday, December 31, 2007

Metro Main Event

Near the end of Jan 2008, The Metro will be having the first major tournament for 2008. Buy-in is Php 30,000 + 3,000. I feel that this is going to be big. I'm hoping that the final table will be televised and that I'm on it. Bryan said that watching a video of yourself play is priceless and that there's no other feeling like it. I couldn't care less if my friends see me play, I just plainly want to see myself.

I know I can finish well in that tournament. It's going to be a deep stack tournament and I know I do well in those. I have the patience and discipline to outlast majority of the field. Skill-wise, I can go toe to toe with more than half of them. I'm trying to psych myself into the having the winning mentality. However, what I don't have is the stake. I can put up Php 33,000 but the problem is I'd be thinking about the amount too much that it'll definitely affect my decisions.

The event is still a few weeks in the future. I'm hoping I can get enough scratch together that I can buy in to the main event. If I can't, I'll just content myself with being at the sidelines.

Wish me luck.

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