Sunday, December 28, 2008

Railing Moneymaker

I was waiting for a tournament to start and didn't have anything to do so I tried to Find a Team PokerStars Pro. There were 5 of them online, Alexandre Gomes, Chris Moneymaker, Humberto Brenes, Lee Nelson and Marcin Horecki.

I was going rail either Moneymaker or Nelson, but Nelson was playing 3 single-table double or nothings so I elected to watch Chris Moneymaker play the Nightly Hundred Grand. I thought I'd try to learn something watching a pro.

He finished outside of the money in that tournament. What I learned was he seldom let his dealer or cut-off position go without a raise if everybody folded to him. But without knowing what his cards are, I really can't say what he's exactly doing. It was just fun railing a pro.

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