Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Sunday of 2008

December 28 will be the last Sunday of 2008. This means that it will be the last Sunday Million tournament for the year. As a year-end bonus from PokerStars, guarantees for the Sunday Warm-Up and the Sunday Million have also been increased to $1 Million and $2.5 Million respectively.

I'm thinking of using one of my $215 tickets for one of these tournaments. Hopefully I get deep and make it ITM.


novagalaxy said...

Go for it ! Nothing to lose naman since you got the ticket off the blogger qualifier... Consider it the ultimate $2.5M freeroll

Ordnacin said...

Yup agree with Nova go for it (the $2.5M one)... basta don't forget us when you win... hehehehe - your number 1 reader - 11Finger

Ross said...

I'll most likely play the Sunday Million. And if ever I do win, there will definitely be a Final Table Donkey Freeroll.