Friday, November 28, 2008

PokerStars Cash Game Rake

In the long run, a mediocre player will eventually lose to the house's rake. The poker room takes a percentage of every pot in a cash game. This is how they get the money to keep operating. This is also why poker is slightly pro-player. The house doesn't benefit off of the players' lost. They just care that there are as many players as possible.

I tried to research on how much the rake is in PokerStars and I found this rake page. It says that the rake for a No Limit Cash Table with blinds at $50 or less is 5% of the pot with a corresponding maximum limit depending on the number of players.

I never realized how much this is until I checked my hand history. I looked at the longest time I've played in a cash table which was 1 hour 52 minutes. It was a $0.10/$0.25 NLHE table. The total rake for that table at that time was $15.75. I bought in for $15 for that table and in less than 2 hours, PokerStars have earned what I bought in for.


Anonymous said...

Can you just imagine how much money they've made? About two years ago they celebrated their 10th BILLION cash game hand do the math =))

Ross said...

They earn A LOT!!!

Which is why I'm still waiting for the Blogger Tournament. They can totally afford the prizes they give out.

Anonymous said...
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