Sunday, November 16, 2008

Official Poker Ranking

I've always liked looking at how I fared in tournaments through the Oficial Poker Rankings(OPR) website. I don't use any of the poker software other online players use so this site sort of makes up for my want for finding out how I'm doing.

Unfortunately, it also tells me that I'm not doing very well right now.  These are what I've learned so far. I'll be throwing a lot of numbers so try to keep up. Here we go...

  • I'm currently rated 38.38% for the year 2008. Yes it's a little on the low side but this includes tournaments I've played when I was just trying out online poker. And it includes tournaments I've played when I was drunk. Keep this in mind when reading the rest of this post. The rating is a little low but my ranking is somewhat average. 
  • I'm ranked 578,425th out of 938,718 players tracked. I'm not sure which players are included in the rankings and which are disregarded.
  • I've played 112 tournaments tracked by OPR. 105 are NLHE tournaments, the rest varies.
  • I've never finished ITM in any non-NLHE tournament. I know how to play these games but it looks like I'm not meant to win any of them. I'll stop playing them altogether.
  • My average finish in NLHE: 9% in bottom 10%, 26% in next 20%, 38% in middle 40%, 25% in next 20%, and only 3% in the top 10%. What I understand in this is that I usually end up near the middle. Most of the time I'd finish near when half of the players have busted or a reasonable time after half of them are gone. But I don't often finish in the top 10%.
  • I've finished a total of 9 times in the top 10 players. All 9 times were in 36 tournaments played with exactly 45 players. I finish ITM 1 of 4 times. Buy-in averages at $4.
  • In these 9 tournaments where I've fnished in the top 10 players, I've finished 1st once. It was a $1.20 buy-in tournament and I won $14 gross. I've never finished 2nd. I've finished 3rd once. It was the same type of tournament and I won $7 gross.
  • I've never finished ITM in the 15 tournaments played with 46-180 players. Not once. Average buy-in is $4. I'll stop playing those as well.
  • For the 54 NLHE torunaments with more than 180 players, I've finished ITM 8 times. Average buy-in is also $4 but my ROI is not as good as the 45-player tournaments. I keep playing them because the returns is potentially bigger except that the field size is a lot bigger as well. An average of 2006 players to be exact.
  • The most I've won in a single tournament was in a $3 multi-rebuy tournament with a guarantee of $40,000. I had 1 buy-in and 1 add-on. There were a total of 3501 players and I finished 448th. I won $22 gross.
  • The least I've won was in a $0.10 buy-in tournament. I finished 36th out of 360 players and I won $0.20 gross.
  • The biggest buy-in I've invested was $27 in a 45-player tournament. I played it twice but I've never finished ITM.
  • The biggest buy-in I've played where I've got ITM was in a $7 buy-in 45-player tournament. I played it 3 times but I only finished once and I got $18 gross.
  • I've played the $1.20 buy-in tournament a total of 16 times. This is the type of tournament I've won most often and won most amount. It may serve well to play this instead as it yields the most results for me.
I think with these details, I pretty much know what to do. The real problem is actually doing them. But, that's really the problem for every other poker player, live or online.

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