Monday, October 13, 2008

Poker Acronyms

For the benefit of readers who feel that the poker acronyms used in my posts are jargon, I’ve listed some poker acronyms I often use throughout the blog. I’ve listed them alphabetically.

APPT – Asia-Pacific Poker Tour
BB – Big Blind/Big Bet
FD – Flush Draw
FPT – Filipino Poker Tour
FT – Final Table
FTD – Final Table Donkey
GL – Good Luck
ITM – In the Money
LHE – Limit Hold’em
MTT - Multi-Table Tournament
NLHE – No Limit Hold’em
OESD – Open-Ended Straight Draw
PLO – Pot Limit Omaha
PS - PokerStars
SB – Small Blind/Small Bet
SNG - Sit and Go
STT - Single Table Tournament
UTG – Under the Gun
WSOP – World Series of Poker


askmogs said...

You forgot BKAW - Behrouz Kobideh After Winning

Ross said...

Ahhh... The Persian version of "Burger, Burger"