Sunday, October 5, 2008

Filipino Poker Tour 6 - planning ahead

With the success of the Filipino Poker Tour 5, it's not hard to imagine that there will be a Filipino Poker Tour 6. I'm expecting it to have a higher buy-in because the main reason why FPT5's buy-in was low was to make people aware. They have been able to achieve that.

My fearless forecast is that FPT6 will be within 2008. It's going to have a buy-in of around 30k+3k and it'll guarantee 5 million.

And for me to be sure I get into this event, I'm planning ahead. I need to be able to raise the buy-in for the FPT6. On the right hand side of the blog, I've added a Donate button which you can use to help me. Thanks! :)


Anonymous said...

FPT 6 is going to be in the Bravio club cebu bro. 33k 3m gtd.

Ross said...

Oh right...
I forgot about that.

FPT 7 then.

Ross said...

I removed the Donate button. It's taking up valuable ad space which actually earns me more.