Wednesday, October 29, 2008

0 to 1,000,000 - 6th Update

2 days ago I went through the worst run on this challenge. I went from $350+ down to $122 in a span of 2 days. I was so disappointed and heartbroken that I stopped playng for 2 days. Now I'm back to playing $0.10/$0.25 ring games when I was already at $0.50/$1. I may have moved up too fast but I wanted to see if I could reach the million by November 30. Seems I can't. Well, I'm still up and that's what matters.


Ordnacin said...

Ross, again not to sound like a partypopper but your current strategy is fundamentally flawed. It's mathematically improbable that you can sustain a 3% roi everytime out, even if you're the best player in the world... - 11Finger

PepeSmith said...

Yup have to agree with 11finger. You're going up blinds too fast. The hardest part of this challenge I think is making it to 1k. Took me a year to reach it from $50, playing 10nl and 25nl. Once you reach 1k the next 1k is a lot easier. I'd rather you don't put a deadline and take it easy and just play your game. Follow the rules you setup for your bankroll you'd be fine.

mags said...

And you'll keep tilting yourself if you try to push beyond the limits of your bankroll. Sometimes you'll get lucky and go on a run, but sooner or later you'll take a hit like this. Just play within your bankroll. You don't really have enough to stay at .25 NL even playing short-stack strategy. Game selection is your friend.