Friday, December 21, 2007

I am google-able!

Just this past Saturday I played the 1st UNO Magazine sponsored poker tournament. I finished 2nd among 40 players. I've placed in tournaments before but this one was particularly special. This is the only event which made me google-able!

Go to then type Ross Del Rosario. You have to filter it a bit because apparently there are a lot of Ross Del Rosarios out there. You can also search for Ross Del Rosario Poker and it's the first search result.


chonky said...

Congrats! Natupad na ang isa sa mga pangarap mo, and unlike me, hindi ikaw ang nagpost! Haha. Link me up -


Ordnacin said...

If you search for "Ross Del Rosario Donkey" it's the only result! :) - 11Finger