Sunday, May 2, 2010


I entered Day 2 of the Labor Day Tournament with an average stack and I felt good. It was the first time that I reached the second day and I was ready.

But the strategy I had made in my head never materialized. It was one bad decision after another. I got a second chance when I was able to crack AA with my 99 but then I lost most of it a few hands after when I hero called a raise on a board of 33A2A.

I was short stacked with just a little more than 10x BB and the buzzer just signaled the end of another level, I needed to make a move. I was SB and everybody folded to me, I had A2o. I shoved hoping BB would fold or just have a smaller hand. He had A4. This was fine as there was a very big chance of a split pot. Flop comes 7-6-x. Turn shows a 5. It was already a split but then river showed a 3. Villain has a straight and that was that...

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Sarah Ingram said...

A split, a split, such a desperate city, i'd sooner walk around Yulin