Tuesday, August 7, 2007

3rd ain't so bad...

After starting this blog in July of 2006, I finally have something to write about. Now before I go on about the recent tournament I've been in, let me give an update on what has been happening to my poker "career" so far.
Now as mentioned, ever since the progressive tournament, I haven't been winning much. I really was on a slump and the deepest I got was in ACF right before the Independence Day holiday. I went there at 6am and found a few tables still open. I played and played and lo and behold it was 1am of the next day. I decided to go home and my pockets P7500 lighter than when I arrived. After that I went on a sabbatical and swore off playing as I really wasn't doing that well.
So I stayed home reading all the poker books I could download off of the internet. Some of them were helpful, most were not. I can't say them all because I can't remember most of them. Then I got tired of just reading about poker.
Now there probably is a quote that says, "Once a gambler, always a gambler" or something like that. And like all gamblers I really can't give up playing. So I tried my luck in one of the home games my friend organizes. Well it wasn't much of a surprise that I didn't win. I actually half expected it.
Now last August 4 was different. I could no longer stay away from a good tournament and it just so happened that there was a great tournament that was held in Runner's Card Club in Carmona, Cavite. I joined and as I didn't have a seat, I bought in for P5500. The competition was great! I missed playing with those people. Well it was expected that the people there were familiar faces. But it was a blast! I got my Aces cracked but that was all right. All in all, I ended up 3rd with a P45000 prize. Not bad for someone who stopped playing for a while.
But I was serious as hell in playing. I never drank (Iread that somewhere). I limited conversing with players. I paid attention to every little thing that was happening. I can't remember any of what I saw but at the time I was paying very close attention to them. I can't say I donkeyed my way to 3rd place in this tournament. I probably stop being a donkey and start playing smart.
Now that really picked up my bankroll. The 60-player tournament was the biggest I've placed in so far so I really am psyched! Can't wait for the next big tournament!

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