Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bankroll update

Now look at what you did... you made me lose. Damn freeroll tournament. I pressed the wrong button and I'm out of the tournament. I was supposed to fold my 63's. But this stupid touchpad pressed "Call" as the cursor glided over the Call button. This is why I never deposit any money for online poker. I can't bear making that mistake with real money. Anyway... Back to the task at hand.

Here's a report on how I've been doing so far. I started compiling my wins and losses back in December 2006. Just for me to get an idea on my bankroll. It turns out I don't have a bankroll. Unless you consider a negative amount a bankroll. But things have been looking up. This week's my best week in a long time. I've won a 3-table tournament last Monday. It was very fulfilling. The next day I won a 10-player SnG. Then I lost on Wed but I won 2nd place last Thursday. Not bad for a donkey.

Now here's the profit tally since December:
Ring games: -P14,740
Tournaments: P5900

Now let's analyze this for a minute. I lose more in ring games than in tournaments. My losses is bigger than my winnings. Therefore, I shouldn't be playing ring games and always be playing tournaments. Yeah, that's a fairly reasonable conclusion.

Now where to find tournaments...

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