Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FHM True Story

Exerpt from FHM Philippines Dec 2010, True Stories

"I was playing in a popular poker hub in Ortigas, seated at a 10/20 blinds table. Whenever I win, I get myself a beer, which was tad expensive compared to the bars outside. That time, I was already done with my seventh bottle and was looking for the waiter to order another one. The waiters in the place wear all black outfits so when I saw one, I waved at him violently and said, 'Psst! Halika dito!' He replied, 'Who me?' I nodded in agreement so he approached. I said, 'Isa pang beer!' The guy looked stunned and shouted back, 'Customer ako dito, gago!' He was fuming mad. I tried not to laugh as I apologized for the misunderstanding. When I peeked in the exclusive room for high rollers and VIPs, I saw the dude in black seated with a mountain of P10,000 chips in front of him. The guy was so filthy rich he could easily buy off a man to take me down. Had I pissed him off more, I would be in deep shit right now. -Christopher lee kimura, by email"

Moral lessons:
Don't wear black in The Metro
Don't mix poker and alcohol
Always be courteous to service people

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